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1.) Name: heather cunningham

2.) Film school you attend(ed): NYFA summer camp, summer 2001 in boston/harvard, St. John's Univerisity, Queens(transferd), Bergen community college for lil while but the few film classes areall theroy/watching movies and suck, now takign a class or two at F/V arts this fall and maybe a program at NYFA again closer to winter?

3.) Career Goal: making a few horror/thriller/comedy shorts to call my own, getting a lil recognition in festivals, i dunno if i;m cut out for director but defianly wantto do somethings in editing, art department, special effects makeup areas as well

4.) Favourite film style: hitchcock has had a lot of influence on me growingu p so i guess his style i love, love old black adn whites, love clever horror films and corney slashers that dont take themselves to seriously, i love dark, smart sarcastic comedy as well as obvious silly potty humor, i;m a jersey girl and kevin smith is just the shit i grew up on his stuff too

5.) Favourite movie: too long of a list, pretty much anythign by: hitchcock, tim burton, kevin smith, terry gilliam, david koepp, etc etc etc...top five movies for now: evil dead/ed2/AOD, nightmare before christmas, sleeping beauty, still breathing, mallrats

6.) Anything else? hey everyone!
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