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Okay, I'll start...

I learned most of the abstract stuff I needed to know from an introductory level video production textbook. Then, I learned from a Sidney Lumet book called "Making Movies," which is actually useful even though it's geared more for the audience than for the filmmaker. I also bought another book, but I don't have it here so I can't tell you what it is.

The best thing (I think) to do when making films, is obviously to shoot on whatever you have. But it also helps to shoot stills on 35mm film so you can understand how light works, and what makes a good shot.

Um, what else...

$50 halogen work lights are cool, and shining one on window drapes from the outside makes it look like daytime even if it's pitch black out... (especially if you can cover the window with blue stuff)... and DON'T FORGET to check the sound environment IN ADDITION to the visual one, because I did that once and halfway through the shoot realized that there was a giant heating unit in the other room that was louder than the subject.

Plan for 2 hours or more of lighting (at least, if you're me), don't expect people to show up unless you pay them, but on the other hand... if you act in charge you ARE in charge (people are easily fooled in this way ~.^), and finally, don't forego eating just to save up for a movie project--as appealing as that may sound.

I don't have any links yet except for the one to my own website... but that will eventually have useful links on it, so if you check it, maybe I won't have to post again right? =P

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